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With its customizable structure, enables you to get more practical solutions with less effort. Discover our app with a free trial! Webinar

Teach, Manage, Promote

Online meetings, seminars and trainings are easier and more efficient with

Seminer ve Eğitim

Seminar and Training

No-installation webinar solution for distant education, course and workshops.

Kurumsal İletişim

Corporate Communications

100% secure and local webinar platform for in-house training, promotions and meetings.



Customizable web seminar application to help you reach your target audience with product promotion or training.

İhtiyacınız olan her şey Webinar'da!

Everything you need is on! is an online event application designed to meet the needs of individuals or organizations.
You can easily organize your training, meetings and promotions with our webinar options. You can invite up to 500 participants.



Everything you need from a webinar platform.

Other Features

Check other amazing features of the app.


You can create one-time or recurring simultaneous events and automatically adds these events to your calendar app.


Easy integration to email, calendar and CRM apps with notification and integration services.

Privacy and Security

Compliant with PDPA and GDPR.


You can easily access the app from all devices without installation, share your screen, presentation, Q&A, live chat, survey and files.

Event Recording

Etkinliklerinizi kaydedebilir veya YouTube entegrasyonu ile canlı yayın yapabilir, sonradan tekrar izleyebilir ve katılımcılarla paylaşabilirsiniz.


You can assess the participation statistics and analysis for your events and create a report.


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kişiye kadar

Küçük ve sınırlı sayıda katılımcıya sahip etkinlikler
Kayıt: 0,25$

kişiye kadar

Orta ölçekli etkinlikler
Kayıt: 0,25$

kişiye kadar

Büyük ölçekli etkinlikler ve organizasyonlar
Kayıt: 0,25$


Eğitim kurumları için özel ücretlendirme
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*Mevcut bütün özellikler tüm fiyatlandırmalar için geçerlidir.
*YouTube canlı yayını veya Kayıt servislerinde 0,25$/saat ücretlendirmesi geçerlidir.


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You can start using from all devices by connecting to a web browser without any installation.
Yes! You can get your 14-day free trial and benefit from all properties of And you don’t need to add your credit card information!
You can organize online seminars with up to 500 instant participants on You can increase this number by customizing your subscription!
You can record, re-watch and publish your events with the online record.
Yes! You can use your own brand or logo on the event screen. Also, you can change the font and event screen colors!
You can share files on your events on as well as Q&A, survey and presentation.

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